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Date Night at the Film Festival – 50 people on matched dating!!

What a fantastic night at the US and Canadian film festival it was last week.  The CitySwoon Daters enjoyed the hilarious movie called, appropriately, The Grand Seduction, followed by matched dating over some post movie drinks.

And the dating was indeed on a grand scale – sold out at 50 people!  The common bond of the very entertaining and funny movie made for a fantastic, friendly environment.  Once the dating got going, the ice broke and many newly introduced couples carried on talking way past the final date and last drinks.  In fact, many groups carried on elsewhere and several couples were seen leaving together at the end of the night…

The final date was a also a bit of a surprise.  It was a group date, with 6 people!  This proved to be a great way to end the dating sessions as people could mix and mingle with those people who caught their attention at their leisure and to meet new people in a very friendly way.

Most speed dating events are considered big if there are more than 24.  But, CitySwoon has a huge advantage over traditional speed dating when it comes to putting large numbers of people together.

Firstly, we have the inimitable Biggest Blind Date under our belts, where over 700 people were matched up at the Sydney Opera House.  We learnt a lot from that and all that experience has gone into developing a way to get people matched up on dates in large numbers as part of big events or at smaller events with more intimate atmospheres.

The result is that we have created a new way to date, we call Date Nights.  We’ve put our experience into software that gets people together in the best possible ways on the night. But, because we simply send an sms to people to let them know who they are meeting and at which table, it also takes out the need for paper and pencils and note taking, that occurs with speed dating, so that the participants can focus on the person they are meeting and not on box ticking and form filling. We know this stuff gets in the way, so we keep the focus on getting people together face-to-face.

If anyone takes a fancy to their date, or anyone at the event, they simply message them securely online, after the event.  There’s no need to ever exchange contact details until each guest is completely ready to do so at their own pace.  Cityswoon does not need to ever release personal information.

So, what’s next?  Get ready for some ‘back to dating’, Date Nights, that our guests love, at some great, smaller, intimate bars and venues.  Then, kept a watch out for some more different, big and interesting events!  If you haven’t yet signed up to Cityswoon, do so not to get on the list – our events are always sold out and we notify members of events first.

Happy dating!