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How to Discover Different Ways to Meet People


Group of new friends eating yum cha with chopsticks on a lunch date

There are actually a great variety of ways to find people you want to hang out with.  Whether it’s is just a matter of increasing your social circle or looking romantically for a date.  This list should help you get ideas about how to meet people.

Firstly, here are some obvious resources to help you discover different way to meet up with people you like are: presents great ways to discover different groups to choose from all organised through the websites.  You could also simply join your local (insert hobby) club, but these sites help provide some inspiration about what you could do.

Facebook or Snapchat – there are hundreds of different groups based on various interests.  Why not create your own one?  It’s very easy.  A friend of mine created a group based around not being able to sleep and she’s got hundred’s of people who have joined the group!  Wallah, ready made group to interact with and you have something in common with them too!

Of course, you can just Google it and see what comes up.  Don’t forget Google Plus too, it’s growing fast and great for meeting people.  Especially the hangout function – free group video chat – amazing.  Why not hook up with some like minded people and have a powwow?

By the way, if you are single, then you should be joining us to meet up with people like you at the date of your choice.

But there are other, more specific, ways to research the net too:  Online directories.  They are like the yellow pages of the net.  Here’s a list that you might find helpful as they can cut out a lot of the noise from the net:

1/ Sydney Business Directory – aiming to help people with products, services and information

2/ – This site list various dating sites and events for singles.  From speed dating events to plain ol’ online dating.

3/ Search Sydney – This directory is pretty self explanatory..

4/ Down Under Index – Australian related sites

5/ Singles Search. A human edited directory of the best singles and dating resources and services.

Have you found any other ways to meet people?  There’s thousands, so I know I’ve misses one or two…