7 Speed Dating Tips: What To Wear, Questions To Ask (Bonus: Infographic)

What to expect at a CitySwoon In Person Event

You've bought your ticket for a matched dating event according to your age bracket, you've filled in your profile; uploading your best and most date-worthy headshot! And now you sit waiting with anticipation for the night of the event.

We do things a little differently to other companies so and if it's your first time trying out speed dating, you may have a few nerves: these will most likely be short-lived when you realise that many other daters are in the same boat (or bar) as you.

On the day of the event

You will receive another email and/or text message the morning of the event where you can log in easily to your account to make sure you are set to go!

On Arrival

When you arrive at the venue, you will be greeted by your CitySwoon host(s): a friendly, well-trained employee, ready to answer any questions you might have about the evening.

As everything throughout the night is operated via your phone, your first step is to get yourself signed into the CitySwoon website under the same email account you used to buy your ticket.

When you've signed in to your CitySwoon account, click the 'I'm here' button to get yourself checked in to the event.

Your hosts will be there to assist you if need be.

You then have time to get a drink and relax before the dating starts.

If drinks are included, claim them using the app features when prompted.

6-8 Rounds of Dating

Notifications on your phone and the website will let you know who you've been matched with, giving you a name and a photo as well as a meeting location, for example: 'bar,' or 'outside courtyard.' You will go to that area for your date!

In the rare scenario, you can't find your date, there will be an option to send them a message. However, please ask one of the hosts first before you message your date.

There are 6-8 dates per evening which typically go for around 10-12 minutes.

Matched Speed Dating Events

These include unlimited drinks while the dating takes place and our ‘Date Night’ events include a drink on arrival and a drink following the final date round.

After the 4th round of dating, everyone will have a 10-15 minute break before jumping back in, and if you are at one of our ‘Matched Speed Dating’ events; this break will include food.

Date Night Events

At a 'Date Night' event you will be able to claim your drinks via a voucher which is displayed after you check-in and then after the final round of dating - simply show these vouchers to the bar staff to claim your drinks.

Live Secret Feedback

After each date, record your private impression of the person you met. This feedback is secret but helps Cityswoon provide you with better matches going forward. If you don't see the feedback page, don't worry, you can fill it in the next day.

Friends Rounds if the numbers are unbalanced

If there is an uneven number of men and women, there is a possibility that you will be set up on a 'friends' round with a member of the same sex - don't worry, this is a chance to take a break and maybe make a friend or two. You'll get dating next round.

At the conclusion of the evening, which typically lasts 2 to 2.5 hours, daters usually stay on for some more mingling and are welcome to enjoy the beautiful venue.

Bonus Contacts: You can also contact other participants who you didn’t date, so stick around and have a chat with others in the group too.

After the Event - Following up with people you liked

During the event, there is no pressure to ask for anybody's contact details as you will be able to message mutual matches via our website the following day. Didn't date that person who you connected with after the event? You can also contact them, so don't stress about swapping contact details with them either.

Want to find out more? Check out our FAQ.