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You deserve the best.

  • Brace yourself, it is time to meet someone amazing.
  • You can date in the online dating portal and also join in a very different form of virtual and real life speed dating.
  • At every virtual and real life event, each person you meet is selected specifically for you via the patented incredibly successful algorithm.
  • 95% of participants find one or more people who they are attracted to at each event. More than 1 in 4 dates have full blown success, where both are romantically interested in each other. At each event you will go on approximately 8 of these dates.
  • You will have fantastic presenters guide you through your virtual and real life dating experiences.
  • Statistically this is the most successful form of dating yet created.

In-Person Speed Dating 2.0

Very different to regular speed dating, you meet people selected specifically for you. Extremely fun and very friendly, open now in selected cities, where safe.

Virtual Speed Dating

With live broadcast presenters and fantastic matches chosen from an even bigger pool this accelerates your dating success. You are matched locally and matching success is extremely high.

Online Dating Portal

Experience unlimited access to the massively successful dating portal. Your matches are selected daily. This works in conjunction with events to increase your dating success.

Dating Near Me:

Displaying all cities with events in Australia

Speed Dating Sydney


There are hundreds and of thousands of singles in beautiful Sydney! Speed date (virtually or in person) and be algorithmically matched to the best!

Speed Dating Melbourne


You live in the eclectic cultural hub that is Melbourne. Meet local singles, matched to you with our mega successful patented algorithm!

Speed Dating Brisbane


Sunny Brisbane! Check out the really fun singles events where you can date other people in your beautiful city, from home or in person!

Speed Dating Adelaide


Beautiful green Adelaide. This is the perfect time to meet someone amazing at our online and offline singles events where you are matched to your dates.

Speed Dating Perth


Gorgeous Perth. Check out the really fun singles events where you can date other people in your beautiful city, in person or from home!

Speed Dating Canberra


Our green capital that has it all. Speed date, in person or from home, and be algorithmically matched to everyone you meet.

Single woman giving a testimonial about a CitySwoon singles event

"Amazed at how well I was matched and how fun and easy it was! Really great hosts and fun dates."

Sarah M, 23 star

Single man's testimonial about a CitySwoon singles event

"Awesome night with amazing people!"

Denis C, 30

Singles testimonial about a CitySwoon singles event

"I like the flow of the event. The pace was perfect. I would definitely come to another one of your events, if I am not in a relationship by then :)"

Diana L, 33