CitySwoon Stats

Our stats just got better - again! We are pretty sure that these are the best matching stats in the world, we haven't seen better anywhere else - and we've been looking!

Online Dating

less than 1% of profiles viewed lead to an email* (and the majority of emails aren't returned)

Speed Dating

10% of speed daters request a mutual second date**


41% of matched dates give their date the highest possible romantic rating 83% of people gave at least one of their dates, on a given night, the highest possible romantic rating

* based on a study of 10,000 daters
** based on a study of 20,000 daters

Interestingly men gave 50% of their dates the top rating and women gave 30% of their dates the top rating, this is high, but obviously not as high as the men!

These latest stats are based on the Train Date that took place on the 6th December, where more than 600 people were matched on multiple dates.

We've been working rather obsessively on our algorithm. If you see our stats for the Guinness World Record Breaking at the Sydney Opera House last summer, just over 30% (it's now at 41%) of people gave their date the top rating and 72% said they'd like to see someone in their matched area. From this you can see that the algorithm is still improving. We don't know of anywhere else in the world that is even matching our results from last summer!

Note: The ratings are used so that CitySwoon can learn what type of person he or she likes to help with future matches, it does not affect whether they get the other persons contact details.