How CitySwoon Works...

You can join in on a CitySwoon Event/Party


You can search and/or post your own dates on CitySwoon

Join in on a CitySwoon Event/Party

Get your ticket to an event or party here.

Then, fill in your profile.

At the event, log into CitySwoon and follow instructions, you will be set up on matched dates via CitySwoon.

After the event, fill in your feedback. The algorithm learns your taste.

Search and/or post your own dates on CitySwoon...

Rather than showing other daters a profile, on CitySwoon they will see a date that you have suggested. Once you have created your date, it will be shown to people who strictly match you.

If you ask a question you will be able to review whoever wants to join your date and decide if you want to meet them or not. Alternatively, you can skip the question and keep it mysterious!

You can also delete and change your date if you haven't accepted anyone onto it.


After events, parties or your own organised dates, you enter anonymous feedback about the person or people who you have met. You will also be able to message each other through CitySwoon to swap contact details (if you haven't already done so on the date!).

The algorithm - Your Next Dates in CitySwoon

CitySwoon's algorithm is incredibly sophisticated, it learns your 'type', e.g. do you have the same likes or aversions as Alex and Rowan, if so who else have they liked. Your next date could be based on the feedback from thousands of people!