, Brisbane

Matched Speed Dating in West End,
Ages (35-47 years) at Archive Beer Boutique

  • PUBLIC $89
  • MEMBERS $59
  • Unlimited beer, wine and sparkling
  • Delicious canapes
  • Matched dates based on your profile
  • CitySwoon hosts
  • Party mingle time after the dating

  • PUBLIC $89
  • MEMBERS $59
Matched Speed Dating in West End , Brisbane


Missed out on meeting your Valentine? Never mind! Come out the next day and make up for it at Matched Speed Dating with CitySwoon. This night includes unlimited drinks, a round of tasty canapes and all your dates!

Our experienced hosts ensure a great night at this fantastic venue - newly renovated and with just the right atmosphere to be able to sit back and relax into a few dates.

Throughout the night, you will be matched in real time to the most compatible guys or girls, and then sent on a series of first dates with them which will last for about 12-15 minutes each.

It will be a fantastic night, hope you can make it.



Archive Beer Boutique
100 Boundary Street, West End, Brisbane