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cal Sat, 29th August - Melbourne

Adventure Dating Day

Be part of Melbourne's very exciting Adventure Dating Day Out! Starting on a Saturday aft
  • Matched dates, based on your profile
  • Fantastic CitySwoon hosts
  • Great vibe: great location
clock Duration: 2.5hours ages Ages: 23-42

The Event What to expect?

Be part of Melbourne's very exciting Adventure Dating Day Out! Starting on a Saturday afternoon, you will follow missions around Melbourne pubs, coffee shops and art galleries, dating and meeting the people that match you!

Your first text will arrive at 11am, with the location, for your first date! You will need to have a smartphone to go on this adventure date!

Throughout the event you will be given different missions, e.g. 'find Sarah, she is within a few meters of you, and enter the code that she gives you here...'. Sarah will also have a message to find you at the same time. You will gain points for answering questions and finding different people throughout the night. The person with the most points wins!

You will be tightly matched to everyone that you meet. This event includes champagne, wine and beer.

Date & Location

cal Sat, 29th August - 3pm
address , , Melbourne

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