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cal Sat, 24th February - Adelaide

Adelaide Fringe Festival - Saturday Night

CitySwoon and Love Shack's mass speed dating event at the Fringe Festival! All dates will
  • Matched dates, based on your profile
  • Fantastic CitySwoon hosts
  • Great vibe: great location
clock Duration: 2.5hours ages Ages: 18-39

The Event What to expect?

You are invited to take part in CitySwoon and Nova's mass speed dating event!

Tickets are free for Love Shack ticket holders at the Fringe Festival. You can join the love shack here, enter promo code CITYSWOON.

At the event you will meet the 4-5 people who match you best in the crowd in a series of mini dates.

Your dates will last for around 10 minutes each and you can catch up again afterwards via CitySwoon.

All dates will be in the Love Shack area and you will be matched based on your profile, entered into CitySwoon.

This super exciting event will take place on Saturday the 24th at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Date & Location

cal Sat, 24th February - 8pm
address The Love Shack, Fringe Festival, Adelaide

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